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"The choices we make now will affect communities for generations. We must not make the same mistakes as before by excluding communities from the decisions that will impact them. All stakeholders–residents, landowners, businesses, and local organizations–need to be brought into the planning processes from the beginning, so we can align our goals and work towards change. Everyone plays a role in manifesting the world we want to see. Together, we can ensure our communities are prepared for a changing climate.” Foreword from “In Harm’s Way: How Communities Are Addressing Key Challenges of Building Climate Resilience,”
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Upcoming Focus In/Train Up Learning Sessions

Recommendations from Gayle Palmer How are you all enjoying the August sunshine? This month I want to recommend that you look at the Climate Change Messaging webinar from Root Solutions. It has really important ideas about how to create climate…

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Focus In & Train Up

Looking for education and inspiration? Free online webinars in June and July! Each month a list of free or low cost webinars will be featured on the EPRC website andlisted in the EPRC newsletter. This training will be available for…